As a business owner, you take calculated risks every day in, order to keep your business thriving. But what about the risks you haven’t considered? Business insurance is an excellent way to allow you to concentrate on profit, without being blindsided by unexpected liability.

Regardless of what line of business you work in, business insurance can protect you in a host of ways, including:

  • Costs associated with the loss of property
  • Risk of business interruption
  • Protection from lawsuits
  • Worker’s Compensation

The costs associated with a business insurance policy are small compared with the large risks that you’ll be protected against.

If you currently rely on property insurance you are protecting your assets, but not the business itself. If there’s a business interruption or a lawsuit, you need business insurance to ensure that you can keep going.

Our insurance is a collection of protective insurance policies for any business owner to protect against some of the greatest risks in business. It can shield you from losses arising from property, employee, or customer claims.

Here are two reasons to get started right away!

  1. Your business is valuable; don’t let another day go by without shutting the door on risk.
  2. It’s easy and quick to get a no-risk quote for a business insurance policy. Just fill out this simple form, and we'll contact you soon.

Commercial Property

H&N Commercial Real Estate insurance coverage provides a comprehensive program to property owners who lease or rent building space used for offices, service businesses, retail stores, light industrial, or light manufacturing. Parking areas may be included in the coverage if used by the building occupant and customers.

Commercial General Liability

No matter how large or small your business is, there are different types of liability that are inherent to your ownership. General liability insurance will cover your business for third party losses involving bodily injury, property damage to others, personal injury such as libel or slander, and advertising injury. These losses to another party could develop from the use of your company’s product or simply a slip and fall on your property from a visiting client or even the mailman.

Commercial Excess Liability

We live in a very litigious society. So, how much liability insurance is enough? Our court system is now reaching verdicts with eight and nine figure settlements, which were unheard of years ago. Therefore, it is very wise to consider purchasing additional layers of liability protection over and above the standard $1 million limit, which is provided under typical liability and automobile policies.

The premiums for these higher limits are far less than the first million in coverage and may be cheaper than you think. The higher the limits purchased, the lower the annual premium is per million. Although these type of policies are commonly referred to as commercial umbrellas, they don’t cover everything as typically, they follow the form and exclusions listed within the underlying policies. Sometimes an umbrella can provide excess liability for workers compensation and professional liability as well.

A business owner should assess the overall net worth of one’s business when selecting the amount for their excess liability policy. Be sure to insure for at least the value of your business as to protect what you have worked so hard to build. An excess liability from the H&N will give you the peace of mind that one unfortunate, accidental incident will not lead to folding your business and closing up the shop for good.

Directors and Officers Liability

We at H&N have designed a one-stop shop for all of your professional liability insurance needs. Our products encompass every form of liability insurance including Employment Practices liability insurance, Directors and Officers professional liability insurance, and Errors and Omissions insurance.

In addition since H&N is a full service agency we can provide you with insurance for “all” of your business and personal needs.

We cater to a host of professional practices including physicians, attorneys, accountants, technology firms, architects and other miscellaneous professional firms. With years of experience in professional liability insurance, we know exactly which companies have the reputation and ability to pay claims. Accordingly, we only work with companies which possess the financial strength, capacity and commitment required to cater to your small, medium or large professional risks.

Business Coverage

We are dedicated to knowing your business operations as well as you do so that we can provide you with the right coverage for the most competitive premium. Our long standing relationship with multiple insurance partners enables us to market your risk efficiently while tailoring a program to match your specific needs. Whether you own a small business working out of your home or run a large corporation, H&N has all the necessary products to insure your risk.

We offer coverage for (BUT NOT LIMITED TO):

  • Office buildings
  • Retail shopping centers
  • Buildings used for manufacturing, industrial, assembly
  • Processing or service buildings
  • Private commercial warehouses
  • Mixed occupancies: office, retail, light manufacturing, industrial, assembly, processing, or service buildings
  • Storefront / Main street businesses
  • Restaurants/Bars/Taverns/Nightclubs
  • General / Artisan Contractors
  • Nursing Home Facilities